FlipSchool is a unique blend of hands-on, practical training with professional, in-class sessions that give students the total picture.

Ian is very passionate about what he does, and it shows. His classes sell out quickly, and his students have nothing but praise for how he leads each class and how he takes the time to answer every question to the fullest of his ability.

The mission of Flipschool is to bring affordable and risk-free real-life education to people interested in renovating homes for profit. We take you step by step through an actual working flip project to show you exactly what to do, what not to do, how to identify and avoid potential problems, and what it takes to become truly successful at renovating and flipping homes.

FlipSchool Programs offer something other programs can’t – such as face-to-face time with the owner of the company, real-life hands-on training and coaching, visits with the project leader to source and purchase exactly what you need to flip a home, and more!

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Ian Szabo

Ian Szabo started his renovation career as most people do – at home.

His first renovation project was his basement that didn’t go over quite as well as he, or his wife, had hoped. After the dust had settled and the paint had dried, Ian realized that not only did he enjoy doing the work and learning all he could while doing it, he wanted to do it AGAIN.

That started him on the road to becoming a professional real estate investor – yes, a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR. People might not consider flipping homes as an investment opportunity, but that’s exactly what it is.

Flipping homes can take on two different goal paths – renovate and improve a home for resale, or renovate and improve a home as a rental property that provides consistent monthly income.

This is where Ian excels. In his hometown of Whitby, he has successfully lobbied for and completed the area’s only legal triplex, creating sustained income for years to come. He also owns and managed a number of other rental properties in Ontario. Ian has a knack for recognizing the potential not only in the property and it’s structure, but also in the current and future neighbourhood, the economic climate, the business behind flipping homes and more.

Ian has authored two books that are currently available for purchase at Chapters and Indigo stores and online, as well as on Amazon.ca.

From Renos To RichesHis first book “From Renos to Riches” explains the ins and outs of home renovations, shares his insight into the dark and dirty secrets that lie behind the walls of tear-downs, and how he has managed to consistently turn a profit.


Fix & FlipHis second book “Fix & Flip” (co-authored by Mark Loeffler) very clearly explains how to buy, renovate and sell property for a fast profit. In it, Ian and Mark offer more than just practical tips and tricks, they take the reader through all the steps they themselves go through to purchase, finance, renovate and sell homes for profit.